13 Unique Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

***This post is sponsored by Zulily and Shopstyle. All opinions are my own.***

I think we can all agree one of the best parts of the holidays is GIVING. There is nothing better than seeing the face of a child or loved one when you find JUST the perfect gift! I still remember the year my mom got me the most beautiful sweater. I had seen the “best dressed” girl at school with it on and had talked about it for months. Opening it Christmas morning was magical – even at 15 years old. I’m sure the experience was even more delightful for my mom who had listened, and acted upon a teenage girl’s wish. I still remember that sweater 20 years later!

Sometimes finding the right gift can be a struggle. That’s where Zulily steps in and makes life easier for you. With a whole holiday shop full of gift ideas, quicker shipping times and prices that will knock your socks off, it’s a no brainer one stop shop!

I love their one flat rate shipping charge. Pay shipping once, and you get everything shipped free all day. Plus, if you buy something on Friday, that free shipping extends the whole weekend! Since the products and sales change every day, it’s fun to check back daily and see what’s new. 


I gathered up 13 gift ideas for everyone on your list. Some of them we own personally and have been hits in our house!



Bingo set:
I’m all about activities you can do as a family. Bring back old school Bingo! Not only is it fun for the big kids, but it can also help the little ones learn!

Milk Barn Clothing
This is a newer brand to me, but if you have a little one, or know a little one, this would be the perfect gift! Can you even with those unique and gorgeous prints? I spy a flying panda! Plus, they’re super soft!


Color Chemistry set:
This set was a top seller and award winner last year. It’s a  fun activity for rainy days and everyone can participate. When science and fun mix, I’m all about it! Crayola is such a reliable brand when it comes to quality too!


Dig Set:
This was on my nephew’s wish list and I think it’s so cool. They can dig in and discover gems, “fossils” and other treasures, just like a real archeologist!

Fort building kit:
Our family owns this kit and it’s been a huge hit. I mean, who doesn’t love fort building? This set allows the whole family to create 3d forts. Just build the frame, and drape a blanket over the top!

Koolaburra Ugg Boots:
Have a fashionista in the family? These Koolaburra boots by Ugg are a top seller. They’re stylish, cozy, and built to last. There are tons of styles to choose from too!

Halo Stud earrings:
These earrings had just the right amount of sparkle. A classic style that she’ll be wearing for years to come. I think these would be great for my sister in law!

Cologne is something a LOT of us buy our men specifically. I first smelled THIS cologne in high school and my husband is still wearing it. I found some fantastic pricing on many other favorites HERE.  

Harry Potter Lego set:
You can never go wrong with a HUGE Lego set. I have 6 kids, on 5 of their lists? LEGOS. This Harry Potter themed set will keep them busy for hours. It’s big, it has awesome details, and it’s marked down!

Platform swing:  
Get those kiddos out and playing! Things that  get them active are always a good idea, and this platform swing looks like a BLAST. Don’t you think? Don’t be surprised if mom hops on!

Llama planter: 
Sometimes you just have to find a super unique gift idea that will make someone smile. This llama planter is so fun! Great for a plant lover or just someone you’re not SURE what to gift. 

3D Rolling Pin : 
Know someone that loves to bake? Doing some holiday baking? These 3D rolling pins make such a fun gift idea! Talk about creating some beautiful cookies!

Hooded blankets:
A blanket is a go-to gift for a lot of us. You can never have too many blankets. This time, take it up a notch with a HOODED blanket. Under $17 and in all the colors you could want.

Harry Potter cookbook:
Harry Potter fans unite. This cookbook contains some of your most favorite Harry Potter themed recipes. I think this would be a great gift for an adult OR kid that loves to cook!

I’m always amazed at all the fun things I find on Zulily! The assortment of gifts is out of control! From the littles to great grandma, there’s really something special for everyone!

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18 Fun Edible Christmas Crafts for Kids

I volunteer every month in my son’s Kindergarten class to do a cooking project with the kids and just had to share these awesome ideas!  The little ones in your life will love these 18 fun edible Christmas crafts for kids.  Happy Holidays!

Edible Christmas Crafts Collage


18 Fun Edible Christmas Crafts for Kids



1. Easy Popcorn Santa
Edible Christmas Crafts 17

2. Aromatic ornaments

Can you believe these sweet ornaments are made with just cinnamon and applesauce?

3. Candy sleighs

Edible Christmas Crafts 16

4. Marshmallow  snowmen with edible markers

Oh my heck, these are too cute!  I’m so making them with my kids this year and then gifting them to our neighbors with a canister of hot cocoa.

5. Edible Santa cups

They look like cups…but they’re really made of chocolate!Edible Christmas Crafts 13

6. Healthy snowmen and Santas

Edible Christmas Crafts 14

 7. Candy-filled ornaments

Get some clear Christmas ornaments, fill them with the candy of your choice and then decorate them.Edible Christmas Crafts 12

8. Melted mint ornaments

Edible Christmas Crafts 11

9. Rice crispy ornaments

Form Rice Krispy treats into ornament shapes and decorate them however you like!

Edible Christmas Crafts 10

10. Swiss roll reindeer

Edible Christmas crafts 9

11. Simple snowmen suckers

12. Gumdrop snowflakes

Toothpicks and gumdrops are all you will need for this pretty snowflake project.

Edible Christmas Crafts 7

13. Mini gingerbread houses

Edible Christmas Crafts 6

14. Nutter butter holiday characters

Edible Christmas Crafts 5

15. Ice cream cone Christmas trees

Let your kids get creative by decorating these ice cream cone trees with their own style.  Easy enough even for your toddlers!

Edible Christmas crafts 4

16. Pretzel rod snowmen

Fun and easy to make by dipping pretzel rods in melted white chocolate with fun gumdrop hats and mini chocolate chip details.

Edible Christmas Crafts 3

17. Graham cracker Santas

These adorable Santas made from graham crackers and mini marshmallows are not only delicious, they are fun and easy for kids to create.

Edible Christmas Crafts 2

18. Snow-dusted pine cones

I had to look twice to make sure these beautiful concoctions weren’t real pine cones.  I love what they are made of!

Edible Christmas Crafts 1

Hopefully, this gives you a few good ideas to try with your family and friends this holiday season!


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A Sweet Christmas Tradition: Building Baby Jesus a Manger of Kindness

Sponsored by the film “The Star”

The Christmas season is drawing closer and every year I look for thoughtful activities to help teach my four children the true meaning of Christmas. Already, my kids are circling every item in the toy magazine and talking about how many tablets they’re each going to get. If we’re not careful, the miracle of Jesus Christ’s birth will quickly become overshadowed by “things.”

This year, we’re looking forward to heading to the movie theater as a family to watch the new Sony Pictures Animations movie The Star, plus we’re introducing a new family Christmas tradition that will promote kindness in your home. 

The Story of the First Christmas

In theaters November 17th, The Star is a funny and inspiring adventure of a brave donkey named Bo (voice by Steven Yeun) who finds the courage to break free from his daily grind at the village mill and finally goes on the adventure of his dreams.

On his journey, Bo teams up with Ruth, a lovable sheep that has lost her flock and Dave, a dove with lofty aspirations. Along with three wisecracking camels and some eccentric stable animals, Bo and his new friends follow the Star and become accidental heroes in the greatest story ever told—the first Christmas.
The Star is the first big Christmas movie to actually embrace the Christmas story. The focus is not on Santa, elves, or presents, but rather the birth of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world.

My family could greatly use that reminder.

If one of your family traditions is heading to the movie theater to catch a flick, The Star is the perfect family film to watch this holiday season! It’s an inspiring re-telling of the Nativity story through the animals who were actually there! You’ll leave the theater feeling uplifted and inspired.

All-Star Cast

The Star cast is packed with voices you’ll recognize like Kelly Clarkson (voice of Leah the horse), Kristen Chenoweth (voice of Abby the Mouse), Tracy Morgan (voice of Felix the camel), Tyler Perry (voice of Cyrus the camel), and Oprah Winfrey (voice of Deborah the camel).

Plus, the soundtrack is amazing with songs by Mariah Carey, Yolanda Adams, Kirk Franklin, Fifth Harmony, and more.

A New Christmas Tradition: Building Baby Jesus a Manger of Kindness

So much of Christmas has become commercialized. There’s such a franticness to buy, buy, buy! Sadly, a huge portion of our holiday season is spent stressing about the things we will be giving and getting instead of expressing our gratitude for Jesus Christ’s birth and spreading kindness to others.

This holiday season in our home, we’re starting a special new tradition we call, “Building Baby Jesus a Manger of Kindness.” Here’s how it works:

After Thanksgiving, we get down the nativity set and have a special family night where we open our Bible to Luke chapter 2 and let the kids get out each nativity figure. As each child chooses a figure, mom or dad find the scripture that coincides with that figure and we read the story of the first Christmas.

We read about Mary and Joseph, about the special star that appeared, and about baby Jesus, whose bed was a manger. The kids are always so concerned that Jesus wasn’t warm enough. That’s when I had a sweet idea—let’s make baby Jesus a manger of kindness.

Kindness Straw

First I created a simple paper cutout of baby Jesus lying in the manger and glued it to a trifold poster.

We explained to the kids that to keep baby Jesus extra warm this holiday season, we were going to make him a bed using kindness straw.

As a family we cut out several strips of paper. When we notice anyone in the family doing something kind, we write it on a piece of kindness straw and then glue it onto baby Jesus’ manger.

The goal is to fill baby Jesus’s bed with as much straw as we can to keep him comfortable and warm.

John 13: 34-35 talks about showing love one to another. “Love one another, as I have loved you…” The very best thing we can do to make Jesus happy and warm is to show love to one another through our words, actions, and good deeds.

Not only did the kids fully embrace this activity, they started looking for ways to be more kind.

Our poster can stand as a reminder all season long that the true meaning of Christmas is centered on Christ and kindness.

The kids can read the sweet things on the kindness straw and can keep adding to baby Jesus’s bed all season long.

If you’re looking for a few ways to center your holidays on what matters most, try building baby Jesus a manger of kindness.

Also, head to theaters November 17th to see The Star—it’s going to be a Christmas classic you’ll want to watch again and again!

Happy Holidays!


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Simple DIY Pie Slice Boxes Made from Paper Plates

*Thank you to maurices and ShopStyle for teaming up with us on this sponsored post; it’s a fun one! We invite you to discover maurices and try this easy Thanksgiving place-setting craft.

Thanksgiving is one of the greatest holidays of the year in my opinion because it revolves around 1) eating, and 2) family. No gifts to buy, no agenda to follow; just relaxation, camaraderie, and did I mention food? While Thanksgiving may be low-stress, it doesn’t mean it’s not a time to grandstand a little bit. In my family, everyone pulls out all the stops when it comes to cooking, decorating, and showing up dressed to impress.

We’ve got you covered on all of our favorite Thanksgiving recipes (have you tried Penny’s Perfect Pie Crust? It’s incredible!), a fun Thanksgiving table setting craft below, and some hot fall fashions from maurices that your pocketbook is going to love. You’re going to be all set this Thanksgiving.

Simple DIY Pie Slice Boxes, Plus Easy Chic Fashions from maurices

When it comes to crafting, I’m all about easy and inexpensive. The same can be said about my style. I like pieces that flatter all the right places, feel good all day long, and make a put-together yet approachable statement. Girl next door meets fashionista. If you haven’t discovered maurices recently, you owe it to yourself to get reacquainted. I’ve found the cutest hoodies, jeans, tops, and boots all at an excellent price point. More about my fave maurices picks below, plus the tutorial to some easy pie slice boxes that look really cute on your Thanksgiving table.

DIY Pie Slice Boxes

I was looking for a cute way for guests to take a slice of pie home after Thanksgiving dinner. There were a few options online, but not enough time to ship before the big feast. So I went to the drawing board and decided to make my own using something that everyone has on hand: paper plates. These DIY pie slice boxes are easy to whip together the day before Thanksgiving and are the perfect vessels for those yummy pie slices.

Materials Needed:

You’ll need: paper plates, scissors, a hot glue gun, and string.


1. Create a triangle by folding the paper plate so that there is a triangle inside. Imagine a piece of pie fitting inside.

2. Cut a 1-inch slit at each of the three corners.

3. Make a bow-tie fold at each slit.

You should have three little bow-tie folds when you’re done.

4. Bring each side up and hot glue them together until you have a triangle-shaped container.

That’s it! Add a piece of pie and tie it together with string or butcher’s twine.

It really is such a simple Thanksgiving craft that adds a farmhouse flare to a tablescape and serves a practical purpose–a sweet take-home treat for your guests.

Easy, Chic Pieces from maurices

I always choose my Thanksgiving pants wisely, you know what I mean? Jeans with enough stretchhh, but that hug the curves just right. ‘Cause ain’t nobody want to have to unbutton that top button after turkey dinner.


I got this pair of Everflex high rise black skinny jeans because I loved the buttons and the color. The fit wasn’t as tight as I was expecting so I would probably size down one size, but they have great stretch and flexibility. (Definitely great Thanksgiving pants!) The cuff was more like a boyfriend jean and I’ll probably roll them up. 

maurices always has great promos on their jeans, so check in often.


I love flannels and this top just spoke to me when I was scrolling. I also snagged this hoodie, which I absolutely LOVE (it’s so soft!), and this pullover (which is amazing as well!). They’ve both become my recent fall favorites. 

In fact, you’ll want to check out all of these pullovers and hoodies because they are adorable.


When browsing maurices trendy shoe section, I immediately gravitated to these boots. I love the fur on them and the fit is perfect. Make sure to check maurices frequently as I’ve seen some GREAT promos on their boots and shoes!

Pre-Black Friday Deals

Starting right now, every single day maurices has some awesome promo going on. It’s so exciting! Go discover maurices for yourself and get some really cute clothes for a great price. 

Happy holidays!


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Distance Learning, Nutrition and Calcium Chews

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Viactiv Calcium Soft Chews. All opinions are 100% mine. It is important to stay strong and healthy, especially during trying times. Easy things that can help with that are essential when you are under pressure. Viactiv Calcium Soft Chews are a great easy thingContinue Reading

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2020 Gift Guide: Comfort & Joy

*Thank you to all of our partners for collabing with us on this special sponsored gift guide. Wishing your family comfort and joy this blessed holiday season!

As we take a second to reflect on this past year—political upheaval, racial discord, and the isolation of living through a world-wide pandemic—we realize that it’s been the hardest year to date. And yet oftentimes it takes adversity to make us see what’s really important, what we’re truly grateful for: family, health, home, and happiness.

This year, as my thoughts turn to the holidays, my sincerest wish is for comfort and joy for all my family and friends. We don’t need much, and the theme I’d like to focus all my gifting around this year is just that: bringing comfort and joy. 

I’ve hand-picked a few of my favorite items and gifts that are designed to bring comfort and joy to your home, family, and socially-distanced circles.

2020 Gift Guide: Comfort & Joy

1. Cozy Home & Apparel

I found out about UpWest this year (they are brand new!) and immediately fell in love. They have the comfiest, coziest clothing for women and men, along with lovely pillows, throws, and home items that have become my favorites this year to snuggle up in. 

Make sure to get 20% off your entire first order with code FIRSTORDER.

2. Soothing Immunity-Boosting Drinks

This gift is unique and thoughtful, especially this year. Birds & Bees Teas offers natural, organic herbal teas, warm drink accessories, and gift sets that help boost immunity. This year, I’m gifting all my kids’ teachers this Family Immunity Tea tin (you may want to snag one for yourself!). And friends and family are getting this cool Elderberry Syrup Making Kit. (It’s an incredibly powerful superfood/antioxidant!)

Use code HowDoesShe for 15% off.

3. Family Comfort Food

One huge blessing that emerged from the ashes of this year, was the opportunity for families to slow down and be together more. Well, we kind of had to! But without a million places to go, my little family actually sat down to family dinner together every night. For those months that I couldn’t go to the grocery store, I had Blue Apron delivered and it was heaven-sent.

This holiday season, think inside the box. 

Give those special families in your life the gift of family dinner. You can snag a Blue Apron gift card in any amount that would bring delicious, gourmet recipes right to their doorstep. You can print it out or email it to your recipient, which is why a Blue Apron gift card also makes an excellent last-minute gift.

Trust me, as a busy mom of four, this is a gift that would mean the world to me.

4. Joy in Growing

Moms with babies during this time are going to need extra support. They don’t need a million different gadgets to trip over, but rather a few intentional baby essentials that grow with their baby. Baby gear that performs several functions in one, like these smart and thoughtful Graco Baby products.  

This Pack ‘n Play: No need to buy a changing table, bassinet, and playard…this Pack ‘n Play does it all. It’s an amazing gift that will be used for years and years. (Believe me, I used mine through all four kids!)

This highchair: It’s like a transformer, changing to fit your baby’s needs every step of the way. Look at the 7 smart functions it performs! (My kids love the step stool.)

This carrier: Snug as a bug in a rug, this best-seller hugs baby close as a newborn and then transitions to a back carrier so that your toddler can enjoy the view.

5. Bring Outside Beauty Inside

A friend sent me flowers during an especially rough emotional time this past year and it made me feel so loved. What a sweet and thoughtful gift. This year, with so much emotional uncertainty, a beautiful holiday flower tree or this cute “Home for the Holidays” evergreen keepsake would bring comfort and joy to any space.

Or gift a houseplant that will never die (my personal favorite!), like this gorgeous faux fiddle leaf fig fern.

Use code EVERGREEN20 to get 20% off (excluding the faux plant).

6. A Happy Home

Homes and apartments all over the world became personal havens this year as we all paused life and went into quarantine. It taught me that while I can’t control what’s going on outside, I can control what’s going on inside my home. 

Create your own sanctuary with some of of these Bed Bath & Beyond favorites:

Cozy cactus bedding (by the same UGG boots brand!)

Keurig coffee and hot cocoa maker – We stayed at an AirBnB with one and the kids went crazy! The perfect kitchen accessory, especially if you like yummy, warm drinks in the morning or at nighttime. Oh, and don’t forget all the fun pods!

What’s nice is that you can pick up your order curbside or in your local Bed Bath & Beyond store, or even get same day delivery.

7. Stay and Play

This was a year to live in your comfy clothes. We all got a whole new appreciation for athleisure as we took meetings in our favorite sweatshirts, sweats, and leggings. School clothes became comfy and sporty with many kids learning from home. You can never go wrong with a Nike gift and here are some of my faves:

Kids hoodies (many of them are up to 40% off)

These “Luxe” leggings: buttery soft

These classics: Every guy/gal should have a pair, they’re that iconic.

8. Stocking Stuffers with a Smile

Anything that makes me smile this year has my complete attention. I can’t think of anything better on Christmas morning than to have a room full of smiles. These gal-focused stocking stuffers from Boohoo (they’re the UK’s version of Forever 21) are super fun and make great friend gifts too. They ship to the US and have some great novelty items, like these:

This cozy flannel jammie set

Lash gift set

Bubble rainbow bath fizzer

9. Artist-Designed Gifts

I’ve long been a fan of Minted designs, from their fab holiday cards, to their artist-designed bags and my personal favorite…aprons. They even have kids’ apron & oven mitt sets!

Really, if you’re looking for something extra unique and of deluxe quality that someone on your list will treasure long after 2020, go see all of the cool gifts Minted has to offer.


I hope this has given you a few good ideas for gifting this season. It’s not so much about the quantity as it is the quality and the thought behind giving. Wishing you all a very merry holiday season with an abundance of comfort and joy.



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25 Days of Christ – A New Christmas Tradition



25 Days of Christ7 copy

The Christmas tradition that teaches the REAL meaning of Christmas!

Christmas. It’s the most wonderful time of the year. It’s also a time for rich traditions. Traditions that will stay in children’s memories forever. We have a wonderful tradition in our home that I know will be a hit in yours too. It allows the emphasis to be taken off the Christmas “gimmes” and presents, and allows you to focus more on the true meaning of Christmas.  It provides 25 days of memories with your kids focused on the story of Christ. As a family you can work together to create and countdown to Christmas.

I love that this tradition teaches my kids that there is so much more than presents and cookies and Santa. Albeit, fun traditions, it’s not what I want them having forthright in their minds. I want them to be focused on the story of Christ. It’s the real reason behind the season!

PLUS from November 27-29, we’re having a 3 day FLASH sale! Just use code HDS to save 20% on your purchase HERE.


This beautiful advent “calendar” of sorts allows you to spend a little time each day leading up to Christmas to devote to learning about some aspect of the true story of Christmas.  It also comes with a whole set of devotionals and New Testament scriptures you can refer to nightly. I love the convenience! It makes it easy to teach to your kiddos (or yourself!)

25 Days of Christ3 copy

This wooden advent kit follows 25 stories from the Savior’s life from the New Testament and includes handmade ornaments to represent each one. Each day in December you can paint one ornament, hang the ornament, and reads the story from the scriptures that coincides with that ornament.
There are two options: a New Testament version (Based on the King James Version of the Bible) and for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, there is also a New Testament/Book of Mormon version. 

You also get a brand new product this year, The Good Shepherd book! It is a companion to The 25 Days of Christ set. It is a more comprehensive, in depth version of the reference cards that come with the ornaments. My kids LOVE to read this book and learn more about the story of Christ.

It can be a creative activity.
You can purchase the set painted and finished
OR you can paint the set yourself!
Get your family in on the phone and paint altogether! You can either paint them all in one night, or even, paint one each day as you countdown. Either way, it’s a great creative activity with purpose!

This tradition has made a huge difference to my family and I think it will be wonderful in your home as well.
Correction, I KNOW It will.
My kids look forward to this each night of December, each year!

Also, these make AMAZING gifts. I am giving one to my sister this year!

Remember to use code “HDS” to save some cash!


Just look at the beautiful finished product!
25 Days of Christ2 copy

This is a tradition we will continue, I hope, forever. What a better way to focus on Christ and learn about his birth, ministry, and death. These are the memories I want my children to have forever.

Grab yours HERE before they’re gone with code “HDS.”


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Crafting with Kids: Easy Thanksgiving Place Cards

Easy Thanksgiving Place Cards

I love creating kid friendly spaces, especially around the holidays, and I’ve found that the best way to do this is to involve the kids. It’s about this time of year that my daughter starts asking if we can work on Thanksgiving place cards. She’s been in charge the last three years and she takes her role very seriously. Here are four place card options that your kids will enjoy creating.


1. Thumbprint card
Easy Thanksgiving Place Cards

  • Brown Paint
  • Red paint
  • Yellow paint
  • Orange paint
  • Googly eyes
  • Cardstock

Easy Thanksgiving Place CardsTake a piece of card stock and cut it in half and then fold each half in half. Using your kids index finger start with the outer layer of feathers (yellow) and make seven fingerprints in an arch. Do all the fingerprints in this color at one time and let dry. With orange paint, make seven fingerprints slightly overlapping the yellow. Let dry. With red paint, make five fingerprints and let dry. For the turkey’s body, use brown paint and use the child’s thumb. Let dry and add googly eyes.


2. Origami Pilgrim Boat Place Cards
Easy Thanksgiving Place CardsSupplies:

  • Craft paper (or scrapbooking paper)
  • Toothpicks

Purchase scrapbooking paper or the cheaper method and buy a roll of kraft paper and cut to size, 8.5″ x 11″. Using these instructions create origami boats. The instructions are simple and straightforward, and school-aged kids can easily follow along. I found it best to work alongside my children working each step together. Once complete, create a small tag (or use labels and fold them in half on the toothpick) with card stock and a toothpick. Insert the toothpick into the center of the boat.

3. Gold feathers
Easy Thanksgiving Place CardsSupplies:

  • Gold metallic craft paint
  • Feathers (You can buy a large bag for $1.99 at Michaels)
  • Fine point sharpie marker
    Easy Thanksgiving Place Cards
    Easy Thanksgiving Place Cards
    Using a foam brush or other paintbrush have the kids paint the feathers gold. You can paint the whole feather or just a portion. Do two or three thin coats. This will create a hard layer on the feather that will give you a surface to write names on.

4. Ribbon Turkeys Place Cards
Easy Thanksgiving Place CardsSupplies:

  • Assortment of ribbon
  • Cardstock
  • Low-temp glue gun
  • Circle or scallop paper punch
    Easy Thanksgiving Place Cards
    Punch out two circles of kraft or scrapbooking paper. Cut five pieces of ribbon to 2 1/2″. Fold ribbon in half and glue to one side of scallop. Glue remaining ribbons. Glue additional scallop on top (hides unsightly ribbons ends!).

Give your kids a chance to shine at Thanksgiving and they will be more than proud of their awesome Thanksgiving place cards!

Kara Pothier

See more of my adventures and projects at

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Cranberry Dump Cake – 2 Ways

This super easy Cranberry Dump Cake recipe is perfect for the holidays. Not only is it a great casual Thanksgiving dessert, but it is also a nifty way to use up those leftover cans of cranberry (or when you made too much homemade cranberry sauce). It is a simple 3 ingredient recipe, comprised of cannedContinue Reading

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Build a Fixer Upper Style MODERN Barn Door

We are so excited to welcome our guest, Angela Rose, who is here to show us how to build a fixer upper style MODERN barn door– have you ever thought about trying something like this? Angela shares her awesome home projects on instagram @angelarosehome so go follow and see even more stunning ideas! Take it away, Angela!

Who doesn’t love a Barn Door?

Functional and beautiful. I love barn doors, but wanted one with a MODERN look instead of the more common rustic look.  I looked everywhere but couldn’t find a modern door at an affordable price. So, when I found an inspiration picture of Fixer Upper Joanna Gaines’ barn door, I knew I needed to come up with the plans to build one just like it!

So, I busted out my pencil and paper figured out how to create a MODERN BARN DOOR for $120.

Measure for your door


To measure for your barn door, measure your door opening width and height. Think about how much of an overlap you want over the opening (standard is around 2 inches, but it’s personal preference).

So, for the total barn door width you will add:

Door opening width +2 in (overlap) +2 in (overlap)=total width of your barn door

For the total barn door height you will add:

Door opening height + 2 in (overlap)=total height of your barn door

Buy your materials

I went to my Home Depot and picked up (and had cut) all these materials in under 20 minutes. Here’s what you’ll grab in the lumber section.

¾ in thick mdf/plywood 4 ft x 8 ft sheet: this is your main barn door.

Have them cut this to your desired door size (if you want to trim it out like mine, subtract 1.5 in from the width and height of your door before cutting to accommodate the trim boards)

ex. A desired door of 40in x 80 in, you’d have the mdf/plywood cut to 38.5in x 78.5in.

(10) 3.5 in wide x 8 ft long primed mdf: I picked up 10 of these suckers for the front diagonal pieces

(3) 1x2x8 select pine boards: for the edge door trim if desired

Other materials:

Wood glue or adhesive (to glue diagonal boards)

Finishing nails (only needed around frame and, if it’s helpful, on the diagonal front pieces)

Spackle (for nail holes)


Barn door hardware: I used this one

*I used this paint sprayer and this spray shelter

Build your door!

I started out by finding the middle of my door, and marking it with a straight line across. (helpful tip: clamping an extra board across the middle makes it easier to line up your boards and keep them straight while cutting and gluing). After finding the middle of my board, I laid out my first diagonal board.

Take a pencil and trace the edge of the door on your board so you know where to cut it. All your cuts will be at a 45 degree angle. Once your board is cut, glue and nail it in place (or glue and clamp)

Use a spacer to keep gaps consistent(I used 2 paint stir sticks taped together), and lay out your next board. Do the same thing by tracing the door edge onto your board…cutting…then gluing and nailing your boards down. Continue on the entire upper half.

After finishing the top half, repeat the same thing on the bottom half.

Once all your diagonal lines are finished, take your 1x2x8 pine boards and cut them to fit around the edge of your door. Secure with glue and finishing nails.

(helpful tip: sometimes it’s easier to paint the mdf door part and edges first so you don’t have to get in all those cracks once it’s assembled)

Finishing your door

Fill your nail holes with spackle, and sand over any rough spots. Paint your door with your favorite color!

*I used this paint sprayer and this spray shelter

Hang your door

Follow the instructions on your barn door hardware for hanging instructions. Make sure you get hardware that accommodates a door thickness of 1.5 inches and 200 lbs for safety. Here is the hardware I got.


Enjoy your custom modern barn door!

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